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Christmas cross font

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Christmas cross font
Design id: #101
26 designs in this pack

  holidays, crossstich, pack, christmascrossfont

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  • Comments (30)
by adamsamac 2 days ago

Love, love this alphabet! I need e f q r and z. Thank you for voting for them.Thank you

by adamsamac 13 Oct 2016

Please vote for U. Thank you.

by adamsamac 12 Oct 2016

Thank you so much for the T
Please vote for U and I will have the complete cute set.
I will continue to vote for other request.

by adamsamac 02 Oct 2016

Thank you so much for such a cute alphabet.
Please vote for R S T U thank you.

by adamsamac 12 Jun 2016

Thank you so much for helping me complete the set. I am still voting to help others.

by adamsamac 10 Jun 2016

Thank you for the 0. Now I need only the 7, please vote for the 7.

by adamsamac 06 May 2016

Thank you so very much for this beautiful set of numbers. I have a complete set. I am voting for requested numbers.

by magdalena 27 Apr 2016


by adamsamac 09 Apr 2016

Thanks for voting for E. I finished my set. Now I am voting so others may get a complete set.

by adamsamac 03 Apr 2016

I have voted for other letters needed. Please vote for
E so that i may finish my set. Thank you

by adamsamac 01 Apr 2016

I need the E to complete my set. Thanks for your vote for the E. I voted for all the letters I saw listed.

by adamsamac 30 Mar 2016

I voted for the letters requested today. I need E to complete my set. Please vote for the E. Thank you.

by Patriciavosloo 08 Apr 2015

An unusual and attractive font. Very Christmasy!

by Patriciavosloo 09 Oct 2014

I commented in May (see below) but since Christmas is coming nearer, it is becoming EVEN MORE appealing!! Beautiful.

by dorsetboronia 05 Oct 2014

Wow! What a lovely cross stitch alpha. Best I have seen! Cheeky ask! Any chance of it free?

Dorrie in Australia

by Patriciavosloo 22 May 2014

Indeed something unique, useful and beautiful.

by marianb 03 May 2014

Nice to see a cross stitch alphabet as nice as this

by MichelleLund 13 Apr 2014

I hope this will come up as the next lettering for us it beautiful. Keeping my finger crossed

by clement 26 Dec 2013

the download for today should have been 1016862
witch is the letter L not the LETTER I--i thank you anyway that's the way i see it. thank you clem

by AnnaPaola 10 Dec 2013

complimenti sono bellissimi

by hazelbea 27 Feb 2013

Nice set of alphabets!

by Patriciavosloo 02 Nov 2012

What a lovely Christmas present it would be if this could become the next free alphabet! It is beautiful!
South Africa

by grannyh 16 Nov 2011

So Pretty!!

by trudyknoop 31 Jul 2011

I just Love this Alpha, it's so different with all the individual designs with it!..:o)

by titou 26 Apr 2011

trés trés sympa

by titou 22 Feb 2011


by lorifay 22 Jun 2010

i have been trying to get someone to either email me or call me .. ineed help to get some alphabeths off the computer from you .. please email me [ Please not share your email ] lorifay

by lmiller133 24 Apr 2010

love it

by nonnie13 24 Oct 2009

This is really great. Will it ever be free?

by hobbyssss 20 Jun 2009

Really cute


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