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Strawberry font

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26 designs in this pack. It is resized for the SEW format.

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Strawberry font
Design id: #10841
26 designs in this pack. It is resized for the SEW format.

  seasons, pack, strawberryfont

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  • Comments (8)
by Cutiepie 11 Apr 2015

CSpanRN, please re-check which site you actually paid for. The cutealphabets.com site, as well as adorableapplique.com, are NOT subscription sites. On these sites, you are required to purchase designs/sets individually. The sister sites of cuteembroidery.com and amazingembroidery.com ARE subscription sites. You pay for your 6-month membership and can then download anything on THAT site for no additional fees. I hope this helps you understand and enjoy your purchases. (PS. I am not associated with any of the above sites; I am just a satisfied, long-time customer.)

by CSpanRN 11 Apr 2015

How do I get my free designs. You gladly accepted my money for the 6 months membership, yet I haven't received anything for it. Is this how you operate or have you just made a mistake? Please return money or deliver the goods. I've sent at least twelve messages with no response...Cathy

by phynessalloyd 12 Sep 2014

How do you get the color chart for the strawberrys

by anntatum 18 Apr 2009

I am looking for the "I" and "T" in the Strawberry Font. I do not see them listed above.
Please let me know where they are. Thanks!

by luluche 07 Apr 2009

it is a great alphabet--- i have just a little problem, i downloaded all the letters, only the A is missing!!! Would someboy so kind and send me the letter A? I would be very pleased. Many many thanks Laurence

by travis 07 Apr 2009

Can you please tell me if you will complete the strawberry font will be on again,There is so many that i have missed,,Hope that you do ,,,barb

by arbreek 07 Apr 2009

Thank you SO much for this beautiful alphabet.
:-) Kathi, SE Florida

by srdryden 07 Apr 2009

Thanks so much for this pretty little font, for you hard work and generosity! Just one question-yesterday we had option for voting for missed designs. Today, there is a new free font. Could you please tell me what happens with those votes? Not a complaint, just trying to learn your process! Thanks again!


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