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Dachshund font

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28 designs in this pack

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Dachshund font
Design id: #1556299
28 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (18)
by mirentxu 17 Jun 2018

holA me pueden ayudar regalandome este alpha por favor
saludos y gracias

by manuelevie 23 Feb 2018

Please bring this back.

by Sandy7345 07 Oct 2017

Can you put this design back on Cute Embroidery?Thanks.

by grandmadollie 20 Sep 2017

what size is this design? how big are each letter?

by Lchernow 06 Nov 2014

Every jpg in the file I purchased is watermarked and none of the other formats are mac compatible

by RFozzy 17 May 2014

Very cute, but I was looking for the layout/jpeg instructions and do not see one with your pattern.

by otherside1702 10 Mar 2014

this is beautiful. Thank you. Can we also vote for these as free designs each day?

by PMB 27 Feb 2014

What a wonderful idea - and so simple too! It's gorgeous!Julia

by mirentxu 26 Feb 2014

Esta hermoso, excelente idea

by pennydubose 26 Feb 2014

Just so cute, love it!

by cj2sew 25 Feb 2014

Oh gotta have this one. What a cute idea. Reminds me of a caterpillar on your site before.

by MHPVW 25 Feb 2014

JROB thanks for the answer! I just bought it....I see bags and Tshirts for Dachshund lovers, great! Marcella in Holland

by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2014

What size are these? Can you write Grandma across a shirt?

by jrob 25 Feb 2014

MHPVW, yes you can leave out letters. You can use, none, one, two, three, as many or as little as you wish.

by Paperino 25 Feb 2014


by MHPVW 25 Feb 2014

Lovely design. Can you leave out the letter? I mean have the head, a blank , one letter and another blank before you add the tail? Marcella in Holland

by Patriciavosloo 25 Feb 2014

Novel indeed - should prove a hit!

by vasseur 25 Feb 2014

magnifique et très bonne idée.


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