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Cub font

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36 designs in this pack

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Cub font
Design id: #1608366
36 designs in this pack

  pack, animals, cubfont

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  • Comments (10)
by tenmar 20 Aug 2020

I would love to have this font! Can you please run it?

by Sandy7345 07 Jan 2018

Wish you would have put several of these types of embroidery in the Cute Embroidery, I would have renewed my subscription.

by vanillabean63 13 Jan 2015

looks like a great set to have

by test 26 Apr 2014

Pack updated.

by chiari_survivor 07 Apr 2014

juddstars- click on a design, the size is then shown
For the letter A-
Design id: #1608379
Size (in): 1.06"(w) x 1.18"(h)
Size (mm): 27mm(w) x 30mm(h)
Stitches: 1400

by mirentxu 04 Apr 2014

nos encantan los animalito y este alpha está precioso ojal y se el próximo regalo
saludos y gracias

by juddstars 03 Apr 2014

I can't tell how big they are. What are their dimensions?

by rebeccas 03 Apr 2014

Excellent, thanks for splitting up the charm from the letters, all too often I end up with the same charm duplicating in a name, This is going to be GREAT.

by MichelleLund 03 Apr 2014

This is beautiful hope to see this set as freebie soon


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