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Melody font

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26 designs in this pack

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Melody font
Design id: #1792831
26 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (6)
by Cutiepie 11 Sep 2014

Magdubo98, I don't know which site you are actually a member of (I am just another customer/fan of the CuteEmbroidery group of sites), but cutealphabets.com (the site you are currently posting on) is NOT a subscription site. All the alphabets here are on a single-purchase basis. Cuteembroidery.com IS a subscription site, so you can purchase a membership and download any and all designs you want during the time you have paid for. Although the names are similar (and they are in fact owned by the same parent company) they are NOT the same site. Your membership for CuteEmbroidery does not cover the alphabets here on cutealphabets.com.

by rmk7353 11 Sep 2014

This is not a membership website. There are 2 cute websites. your membership is for the other one.

by Magdubo98 11 Sep 2014

As a member I should be able to download patterns.. No one is monitoring this site , you have taken my money and are not allowing me to download.. Someone help please or return my money.

by graceandham 10 Sep 2014

Nice for gifts for my musical friends for Christmas.

by pamjsb55 09 Sep 2014

This font is so beautiful!

by cj2sew 06 Sep 2014

This is such a beautiful font.


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