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Goldfish font. Exclusive

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26 designs in this pack

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Goldfish font. Exclusive
Design id: #231016
26 designs in this pack

  exclusive, animals, pack, goldfishfont

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  • Comments (14)
by Kerryaj1 10 Aug 2010

I just ordered this font and can't wait to use it.
Thank you,

by NRW 09 May 2010

Sieht toll aus

by carylanne 27 Mar 2010

this is lovely. The design of the gold fish are so Asian, this really excites my creative mind. Humm what to do first.. Carylscreations towel wrap??

by FonziesGaL 24 Mar 2010

This gold fish font is so pretty, I think I just might have to order this.

by clorinda 24 Mar 2010

I love the fish.

by titou 24 Mar 2010

Je suis aquoiriophille Alors....Beau

by Cutiepie 24 Mar 2010

DBW01, I looked and it appears that the wider letters (the M, for instance) are just a touch too large for a 4" hoop (the M is 103 mm wide, and 4 inches is about 100 mm) but they are all about 75 mm high. Lovely alphabet!

by mswendy 23 Mar 2010

These are simply gorgeous!!!

by dbw01 23 Mar 2010

Very nice. Does anyone know what size it is? TY D

by neenas 23 Mar 2010

WOW!!!! This font is beautiful.

by clorinda 23 Mar 2010

I love fish.

by LUZ 23 Mar 2010

un diseño muy elegante

by mimi70 23 Mar 2010

very beautiful, I love!

by Mops 23 Mar 2010

How delightful!!


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