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Cute Christmas Font

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26 designs in this pack

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Cute Christmas Font
Design id: #2398186
Size (in): 4.96"(w) x 3.03"(h)
Size (mm): 126mm(w) x 77mm(h)
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26 designs in this pack

  pack, holiday, cutechristmasfont

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  • Comments (6)
by essee 09 Nov 2016

all I need is D in cutechristmasfont

by cindyvg 09 Oct 2016

All I need is the A cutechristmasfont

by essee 07 Sep 2016

all I needed is Z in the holiday, cutechristmasfont hope it comes back Please !!!

by michelle6835 06 Sep 2016

all i needed was X and Y they were the next 2 letters and you go and change it....not happy at all

by chiari_survivor 06 Sep 2016

egtdrt- here are the links to the individual letters- x,y & z that you are needing. The newest fonts are always on the last page you click for the individual letters. Since Ms Veronika has already posted the newest sets of individual letters that we started today, this set is on the last page or 2 depending on the letter chosen. Even the set we started today is already posted individually! If you miss 3+ letters you can usually get the set for $5.97 if you purchase prior to her starting the next new set. Happy Stitching!

http://www.cutealphabets.com/ 239830...
http://www.cutealphabets.com/ 239830...
http://www.cutealphabets.com/ 239830...

by egtdrt 06 Sep 2016

all I need is XYZ


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