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Rose embossed font. Exclusive

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26 designs in this pack

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Rose embossed font. Exclusive
Design id: #250479
26 designs in this pack

  embossed, pack, roseembossedfont

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  • Comments (13)
by charlie 04 May 2015

very beautiful

by DilceiaMottaMoreira 13 Aug 2011

just beautiful! Thank you!

by PRISORR 25 Jan 2011


by Cutiepie 22 Jul 2010

There are several websites that are managed by the same group, but they are not all interrelated. This site is not part of the "Cute Embroidery" group that is included with the six-month membership. That is http://designs.cuteembroidery.com/ along with http://alphabets.cuteembroidery.com... for alphabets, http://applique.cuteembroidery.com/ for applique designs, http://crossstitch.cuteembroidery.c...< /a> for cross stitch designs, htt p://lace.cuteembroidery.com/ for lace designs, and http://redwork.cuteembroidery.com/ for red work designs while this one as well as Adorable Applique are independent and do not have a membership offer available. Likewise, there is the Amazing Designs site, which has its own six-month membership. <br /><br />If the site does not have "cuteembroidery" in the URL, the purchases are completely separate. There are a few cross-over sets that are available on two sites, but not all of them are. <br /><br />I hope that answers all the questions? If not, your best bet to get a response is to not post a comment but to contact EmbPersons (the management company) by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

by dterminana 21 Jul 2010

I am not able to download the rose embossed font as a freebie. I paid for my 6 month membership. Please reply

by mawdette 10 Jul 2010

Why won't anyone answere my question & the comment below.i thought ALL designs were free,if you paid for membership.

by lindalee757 23 Jun 2010

if you pay the membership for this site-are all designs free as with the other cute sites? information here is so vague

by esmey 24 Apr 2010

cute as your website

by Duchess 23 Apr 2010

Just beautiful!

by katydid 20 Apr 2010

Beautiful for a wedding gift!

by jrob 20 Apr 2010

Beautiful, just beautiful.

by cookie 20 Apr 2010

Just love it.

by Estherwaayenberg 20 Apr 2010

Love this one. It's getting so I can hardly pick which one to use.


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