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Purple flowers font

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26 designs in this pack

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Purple flowers font
Design id: #256309
26 designs in this pack

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by pattir3101 31 Jan 2011


by pattir3101 31 Jan 2011


by debsite 20 Jun 2010

Please, pleez could you gals vote for letter "W". I just love this font and my surname begins with "W" - it was the most important letter for me to have - and I don't know how I missed it!!! Many thanx

by martha1 07 Jun 2010

please repeat Purple font P.

by nanniesara 30 May 2010

When I tried to use the purple font A I got the b and I believe some more in with it. I can only see a purple square and some flowers. I can't figure it out and I can't use the A at all. If there is a solution please let me know. I am sorry I am having trouble with the Bear font off amazing also with the A having the B behind it. Help Please!! Did not realize it till today. Sara

by ann1 28 May 2010

i love purple fonts i missed letter z please could repeat some thankyou ann

by crowe 27 May 2010

how can i vote for the letter M in the purple font. Don'y know how i missed it,it is the only one i need to complete the set.
thankyou all. love the site and the designs too.

by trovato 26 May 2010

you can buy also letters go at begin of page to all designs and take the letter you need. scroll down untill you see your design and you can order. Good luck, Yvonne

by jstitch 26 May 2010

Wisf I could buy individual letters, as I missed three when I went out of town and didn't have internet access.

by abuch 26 May 2010

how can we vote on other fonts? i am new to this site.

by dfischer 25 May 2010

please please repeat Purple Font E - I can't believe I missed it and need for granddaughters birthday. Thank you!

by titou 25 May 2010

Trés Beau


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