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Professions names

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10 designs in this pack

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Professions names
Design id: #288695
10 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (24)
by Cutiepie 14 Apr 2015

If I remember correctly, this set was released in response to complaints that there weren't any sets for the boys. So, complaining that they aren't girls is kind of disingenious, don't you think?

by margiempeart 13 Apr 2015

I personally would not be interested in this set. But come on -- some people wouldn't be happy no matter what the Cute people did.

by jawi 27 May 2011

PREJUDICED AND INSENSITIVE, MUMRA? Really? Just between you and me, THERE IS A NATURAL DIFFERENCE between boys and girls. We aren't all the same!

by martinela1968 24 May 2011

Estan muy bellos los diseños, les felicito!

by mirentxu 24 May 2011

oh, esttan divinos yo los quiero (jejeje)
y estoy de acuerdo faltan las chicas.... que tambien hacemos de todo

by mumra 19 Mar 2011

These are cute designs but show a definite male prejudice. Insensitive. Won't be buying.

by tolgamum 15 Mar 2011

Asolutely adorable! Perhaps a second set of female characters would also appeal to most women and girls too.

by janie 26 Aug 2010

adorable idea, but where are the girls?

by tyson 13 Jul 2010

I love them/

by KathieCross 29 Jun 2010

CUTE! Would LOVE to see Astronaut and many other professions such as Nurse, Doctor, etc.

by Support 15 Jun 2010

Happy Father`s day!

by marysewer 12 Jun 2010

I can not log in, I do login to home page but when I go to Dl page the pc sign me out I have try it more than once i even changed password, but it does not work.

by trudiecase 10 Jun 2010

would like to see a second set with girls instead of guys!

by blumac 09 Jun 2010

10 professions and none of them belong to women? Odd.....

by jhsteed 09 Jun 2010

Where do you find the color change instructions?
Just purchased Professions Names and cannot find these.

by ingrid68 08 Jun 2010

I think these are just adorable.

by kathnairn 08 Jun 2010

Please can you do a flight attentant as well as the pilot.Please, Please. no one does them.

by Bleggy 08 Jun 2010

Oh these really are very Cute indeed so well thought out and designed

by fcgrouchy 08 Jun 2010

They'll for a 4x4 hoop

by clgermany 08 Jun 2010

I love these but I did not see the size, and I also would like to see them in women.Thanks!

by redhotrn65 08 Jun 2010

VERY CUTE! Can you make these with women in the design too. I have a chef and teachers that I could use these for. Thanks!!!

by ecole 08 Jun 2010

pourquoi ne pas faire un ensemble pour les anglophones et un pour les francophones?

by Mops 08 Jun 2010

What a lovely set this is. I love the way some of the letters form part of the design,like the k in cook and the t in pilot. At the same time that's a drawback for non-native English buyers.

by Almag 08 Jun 2010

This is a great set of designs, fun, attractive and very useful.


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