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Butterfly flowers font

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26 designs in this pack

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Butterfly flowers font
Design id: #32345
26 designs in this pack

  pack, butterflyflowersfont, flowers, bugs

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  • Comments (12)
by bikerchic 20 Apr 2009

A free sample would be nice

by cutegirl 20 Apr 2009

It would be nice if there was lower case fonts as well.

by Mops 19 Apr 2009

This is so lovely, why this incredible low price??

by Mops 20 Apr 2009

I see you've corrected the price, it's still a great offer!

by chabrod 20 Apr 2009


Quel est la taille de l'alpha?
Je ne l'ai vue nul part

by kezza2sew 20 Apr 2009

This is lovely and will use it often on GD's items. Thanks a nice purchase.

by JThomas55 21 Apr 2009

This is one of the prettiest Butterfly alphabets that I have ever seen. It is so full of spring and summer smiles. I love it. Jacquie Thomas

by sewinglady2009 21 Apr 2009

these are great my grandaughter loves them thanks sewinglady2009

by angelca 21 Apr 2009

This alphabet will make several friends of mine happy when I do towels or tees for them. Thanks so much for the special pricing, too! Carol C in GA

by yolanda1947 23 Jun 2009

Went you buy the membership said thatr every thing will be free.Please explain why are charging for the new alphabets.

by yolanda1947 23 Jun 2009

for free with membership ?

by maurensette 19 May 2011

magnifique, léger et printanier


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