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Christmas heroes font

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26 designs in this pack

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Christmas heroes font
Design id: #414095
26 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (17)
by qltrjudy 13 Nov 2012

I cannot download 'r' either..must be everybody...love the alphabets, though. Thank you very much

by freebird 13 Nov 2012

I'm having problems with the site today too.

by elainecalderwood 29 Sep 2012

i became a member to get my free downloads but this does not seem to be have a members download button

by milena 28 Dec 2010

Ho perso la Z, potreste riproporla gratis per favore? Grazie anticipatamente Milena

by clement 10 Dec 2010

I missed the U when the site was down I have all the other
letters. are you goinh to put the U up to down load again.
this is a very nice alphabet, dI like it. Clement

by fink9 06 Dec 2010

I missed the cat on the animal sounds Is it possible to get this one??

by lucycat 29 Nov 2010

Please bring back the Christmas Heroes Font... A lot of us missed the letter T...

by killiecrankie 22 Nov 2010

When the animal sounds are finished ,would it be possible to have the T repeated. A lot of us missed this letter because the site went down very shortly after it was restored the first time & by the time we could get on the next letter U was up.Thank you

by 1allamericangirl 21 Nov 2010

Wish they would bring up the vote on the R again as I missed this one when the site was down.

by gonnygerssen 21 Nov 2010

ik mis de letter x en z
is er een maar om deze toch nog te downlouden.
groetjes gonny

by ladylongfellows 19 Nov 2010

I am missing A,B,N,O,T of the Christmas Heros fonts too...Do I just go and load those for individually? Thanks so much for them....They are adorable....

by kmclingenpeel 19 Nov 2010

I am missing A,B,C,D,& K of the Christmas Heros font. Is there any way I could get them? Thank you.

by flyswasat 19 Nov 2010

did they even have the T up or was it when the web site was down. I also am missing the T and it is the only one.

by SamBSRanch 18 Nov 2010

Please bring back the Christmas Heroes Font... A lot of us missed the letter T...

by Ariane 18 Nov 2010

het is een heel leuk alfabet en ik ben blij dat ik het kon downloaden.
Ik ben reuze benieuwd naar het volgende alfabet.

by milena 18 Nov 2010

la z FREE

by theosebes 18 Nov 2010

Hoping that you will have the letters S & T as "free" designs for when your website was down. Thank you.


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