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Embossed angel font

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Embossed angel font
Design id: #422306
26 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (17)
by rambou 19 Oct 2020

lsander2, you can't add a font. It is up to the owner of the site which font is available for voting for free. You can always purchase it when they have a sale.

by hsander2 18 Oct 2020

How do you add a new font to the list to vote for it? I wish this one would come up next to vote on

by susiesembroidery 29 Nov 2011

I love this embossed Angel font. It is so beautiful. I hope to be able to buy it within the next few months. Your talents amaze me, Miss Veronika. *****

by gillianmayson 21 Feb 2011

sorry to tell you glober, but there isn't a choice of alphabets to vote for in this site - when a new alphabet is started the only way to get any other would be to purchase it, but there are times when alphabets are offered at a reduced price, so stay vigilant. (and the next alphabet may well be one that you will love).

by glober 21 Feb 2011

Seria algo muy bello de poner este alfabeto para votar. El diseno de Angel es muy sagrado, tambien muestra inocencia, y belleza. ninos y ninas tienen nombre cada letra puede representar un bebe. Por favor ponga este diseno para votar, es un diseno muy bello.

Que Dios bendiga su negocio y de la properidad

by glober 02 Feb 2011

Este alfabeto es muy especial, y tiene pureza. Por favor vote por esta belleza.

by glober 25 Jan 2011

Please vote for this beautiful angel alphabet.

by glober 23 Jan 2011

Please vote for the Embossed Angels Font

by glober 23 Jan 2011

I love the embossed angel font, I donate blankets for a hospital, I wish monogram every blanket with a letter. Every child have a name and a name have a letter. now I m embroidering a little angel with the words Angels watching over me. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE EMBOSSED ANGELS FONT


by glober 07 Jan 2011

I Love angel> I make blankets for a hospital, I wish I can monogram every blanket with a letter. every child have a name and a letter.................Angels watching over me...........that will be so beautiful to do. xooxox

by lucerba 29 Oct 2010

une merveille!

by jrthompson2006 29 Oct 2010

need to know size

by patoudu31 27 Oct 2010

magique trop beau

by Ramona 26 Oct 2010

This font is absolutely as cute as it can be and very pretty.

by cnassif 26 Oct 2010

Beautifull font, cnassif

by mad14kt 26 Oct 2010

I L*VE angels!!!

by Almag 25 Oct 2010

This is a beautiful font, Veronika.
Your ideas and skill never cease to fascinate and amaze me.


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