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Kanji symbols

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17 designs in this pack

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Kanji symbols
Design id: #468586
17 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (9)
by smgilmore 30 Dec 2010

These are beautiful!

by ohio2404 29 Dec 2010

Thank you I love these!

by lornalynna 21 Dec 2010

I love these, but I need a big brother, big sister, grandmother,family and friend. More please!! Oh, and pray, joy, beloved,strive--I just keep thinking of more!!

by makettle 14 Dec 2010

Thanks!! I see you have a mim of $5 so this gives me the excuse to finish my christms heros i missed Merry Christmas

by Almag 14 Dec 2010

These designs will be so useful for my friends who enjoy Asian-style decor, like little bags, table napkins, cushions and quilts.
Thank you so much for these different and thoughtful designs, Veronika.

by bubbieone 14 Dec 2010

like them, but how can I charge just 7 cents to my card.

by skipper 14 Dec 2010

Thank you for thinking of us during the Holidays. They are great for my DD.

by jazzymag 14 Dec 2010

Beautiful Would love to see more of these

by gerdien 14 Dec 2010

Sorry, but this is not what I like.


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