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St Patrick font

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26 designs in this pack

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St Patrick font
Design id: #502907
26 designs in this pack

  holiday, pack, stpatrickfont

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by girlfriday 21 Feb 2011

Please note that a Shamrock only has 3 leaves (for the Trinity) these are 4 leaf clovers - not Irish or Shamrocks!

by cricket 24 Jan 2011

Robin4Favre great question. Please post answer when/if you receive one. I thought I was signing up for "cute Alph." but was mistaken.Was very disappointed. I DO pay closer attention now.

by Robin4Favre 24 Jan 2011

Can you buy a 6 month subscription to Cutealphabets.com or can you only get it for Cuteembroidery.com What about a special to get all 3 memberships (adding Amazingembroidery.com) Is there anything for all 3?

by bmarq 22 Jan 2011

how do i get the packs.....please help
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Betty Marquardt

by ladyboo 21 Jan 2011

I see 4leaf clovers. I like it.

by zedna 19 Jan 2011

I don't understand what makes it St Patricks font apart from the fact it is green! Not a shamrock in sight! Pretty though.

by clorinda 18 Jan 2011

very pretty.

by milas 18 Jan 2011


by jrob 18 Jan 2011

This is so pretty....come on Spring!

by katydid 18 Jan 2011


by CMH 18 Jan 2011

These are soooo nice!

by rango 18 Jan 2011

just a beautiful set of fonts - love them all -

by Raylened 18 Jan 2011

Another lovely Font , just sweet


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