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Bugs in love font

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Bugs in love font
Design id: #509343
26 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (13)
by sharebear69 02 Apr 2011

I missed out on half of this alphabet and am so disappointed. Is there anyway that they can be on again? This is just so adorable!!!

by weebsdox 23 Mar 2011

This font is just adorable. I missed the letter G and would love if you would offer the letter G as a free font again.

by gferris 20 Mar 2011

I agree with Cutiepie - I have been a member of the CUTE sites (paid member of Cute Embroidery and Amazing Embroidery Designs) for over two years now, and I have never seen a letter skipped entirely from a free alphabet. Out of sequence, sometimes, but never skipped. If I miss a letter, I usually wait to see if it is offered again (no guarantee, usually only 1 or 2 letters are offered again if there is a lot of votes for it or them), and if not, I buy it for $1. I usually end up buying something else, too, but isn't the reason the owner has these sites is to make money? I think she has been very generous!

I am grateful for the designs that are offered for free because I am on a fixed income, and if you really think about it, these designs are an exceptional bargain for the quality you get. It isn't fair to criticize someone who has been very honest and accommodating to her members and customers.

by Cutiepie 07 Mar 2011

Fran, the CuteAlphabets.com site is NOT part of the subscription package for CuteEmbroidery (or any other site). It is an on-demand purchasing site. If you want something, you buy it straight out.

That said, it has happened on at least one occasion that a set that was offered here was later offered on CuteEmbroidery/Alphabets as part of the subscription. Perhaps the Bugs in Love alphabet will be another example of that happening.

by Cutiepie 07 Mar 2011

BeverlyShealy, when an alphabet pack is begun as a daily free design, ABSOLUTELY ALL of the alphabet will be offered (at a rate of one per day). There is no guarantee that any will be repeated, but they WILL all be available to those who are diligent/lucky enough to come every day.

There has never been any set begun that skipped even a single letter completely, although due to the voting process they might not be offered completely in alphabetical order. And, on occasion there has been an issue in getting the site to connect and so the time might be limited to less than the standard day. Even so, every single letter from the set IS offered. There is no scam or "bait & switch" going on here.

By the way, if you want to be sure to have your comments responded to, the place to make them is NOT here on the comment board. You should be submitting a ticket to EmbPersons support (see the link at the bottom of the page). It may take a little while (because of volume of questions) but you WILL get an answer eventually.

by yooper62 28 Feb 2011

Can I please get the J of bugs in love?

by yooper62 27 Feb 2011

Still looking for the Bugs J

by yooper62 26 Feb 2011

Need a J badly. Thanks.

by BeverlyShealy 23 Feb 2011

I see by the comments below that other customers are concerned about you all starting a free design pack and not completing the entire 26 fonts as free fonts. Is this a way to bait your members and then force them to buy the fonts you do not include in the free offer. This has happened with several free font packs that you all have offered recently. Maybe if enough of your paying members complain about this problem, you will correct it. I am like fran below asking that you make the Bugs In Love pack free to members. This is the fourth complaint I have sent you and you have not responded to a SINGLE ONE. How do you keep members if you disregard our concerns. Beverly Shealy

by alpabetty 23 Feb 2011

if an alphabet is given for free
can we vote for missed letters?

by Borduur 23 Feb 2011

and the D, E and Z as well :)

by yooper62 22 Feb 2011

How about a free J Bugs in Love?

by ften662 22 Feb 2011

i have a subscription. can i get this design pack free? fran


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