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Embossed christmas joy font. Exclusive

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26 designs in this pack

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Embossed christmas joy font. Exclusive
Design id: #785657
26 designs in this pack

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  • Comments (16)
by Dimity 21 Jan 2012

Love this design, won't pay $15.00 for it, as probably will never use it. never say never.

by hobbyssss 17 Jan 2012

Beautiful Alphabet,love this one.

by Dimity 09 Jan 2012

I have membership to cuties and amazing paid 2 memberships both said you could download any item any time on site but can't download anything form cuties. thought would be good when away or bigpond down still have had no response from them to my email or any where else Looks like lost money as quite a few of us have paid with no access to designs we like. If cuties dont have membership then the link came the this site

by mirentxu 07 Jan 2012

me falta la letra A, hay alguien que pudiera obsequiarmela? estan muy bonitas, gracias

by test 07 Jan 2012

Cute Alphabets does not have a membership. You can only download the freebies, the same font packs as on CuteEmbroidery or AmazingEmbroideryDesigns if you have a membership there, the rest you have to buy.

by rango 07 Jan 2012

I had no problem downloading the designs when I first paid for my membership - but now can't even find the link to the designs - not sure this site is the best one to have bought a membership from - I don't usually bother joining any site - guess my intuition was right - once they let you have so many then they block you from the rest? - better get with it or they are going to lose a lot of members and word does travel

by babadush 06 Jan 2012

Would like to see the reply to the last persons who cannot download, if one has a membership to Cuties does that exclude the Cute alphabets site, the Adorable Applicay site as well. Your reply would be appreciated.

by Dimity 05 Jan 2012

I have membership and can't down load anything from this site have sent 3 emails and had no response back is there a trick to down load. have membership with sister club and have no problems down loading from it.

by wilvanmer 05 Jan 2012

very nice, I like it.

by cottagebear 04 Jan 2012

i have membership why can't i download pack what are we paying for

by bluebird 04 Jan 2012

I have membership why can i download pack

by Dimity 03 Jan 2012

How do you down load this pack with membership

by mammagatta 03 Jan 2012


by grannycottage 03 Jan 2012

Magnifique !!!

by estrade 03 Jan 2012


by titou 03 Jan 2012



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